Home maintenance should be quick, easy and booked with a few taps.

We believe that for small jobs around the house, homeowners would prefer to instantly book a great pro at a pre-determined rate, rather than scour dozens of reviews, obtain multiple quotes and schedule around a specific company's availability. Our goal is to create a marketplace where both homeowners and home service professionals benefit tremendously.

For homeowners, our platform provides a seamless booking experience, easy-to-understand pricing, responsive customer service and an additional guarantee on all work.

For home service professionals, Jiffy sends firm jobs and takes care of payment, invoicing, and customer service. Are you an amazing pro, or know of one? Apply here and we'll be in touch!


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We needed a light fixture installed, sounds simple... Right?

We asked for referrals and searched online for an electrician; we read dozens of reviews, called around, left messages, and managed to speak to two companies. The first wasn't interested in the small job, and the second wasn't available for a week. We wanted the fixture installed that afternoon - was that too much to ask?

As new homeowners, we found the process of booking trades incredibly outdated and inefficient. We were sure there were electricians nearby, happy to come by for the small job, but had no way to find them (we even considered flagging one down on the street). This frustrating experience inspired us to create a dispatching app that instantly connects homeowners with nearby, available trades...and we called it Jiffy.